The Greys carbon black tattoo ink

For professional tattooers

Frustrated with the performance and inconsistency of commercialized inks, world-renowned tattoo artist Andre Malcolm took full control of his craft by creating his own blend of carbon black wash inks.

After creating the perfect blend, Andre and his clients instantly saw incredible results such as richer volumes of shade and contrast.



The Greys carbon black tattoo ink are 100% vegan
The Greys carbon black tattoo ink are manufactured in the U.S.A.
The Greys carbon black tattoo ink are manufactured at an ISO-certified facility with the highest-quality ingredients
  • Henry Lewis

    "I have been using this product for over 8 years and see the tattoos I've finished over the years blend perfectly...I love these inks for all the different styles of tattooing from fine line work to smooth illustration style tattooing to solid Japanese styles.  Side note, I love painting large size watercolor with it as well!  It is important that I see how it heals over the years and it's a tried and true product!  I will continue to use and support The Greys, I hope you love using this product as I do!"

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  • Anderson Luna

    "I've been using Andre Malcolm's The Greys formula since its inception. In my 15 years of tattooing, I find it to be the most consistent grey wash I've ever used. One of my favorite aspects when compared to other brands is the greater range and more coherent grouping of values: 2 dark,1 medium, and 3 light washes.  This lends itself greatly to making large scale projects that require multiple sessions. I would consider it a more intuitive approach to creating smooth subtle gradients and saturating large fields of solid grey. Upon using The Greys, it's apparent the decades of experience, refinement and love for the craft that went into creating the product."

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